Tu Tirada Astrologica
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Your Self Overall

Diez de Copas

Happiness and satisfaction can be had. The spiritual self leads to great loves, friendships and success.

Your Current Mood (The Card of Aries)

El Rey de Copas

Fairness on all levels. Generosity and morality abound. A high degree of skill is displayed in all things attempted.

Matters Concerning Finance (The Card of Taurus)

El Diablo Invertida

El Diablo invertido representa un renacimiento espiritual, la libertad de la preocupación con la secular y la superación de la soberbia y el egoísmo.

Matters Concerning Travel and Communication (The Card of Gemini)

Caballero de Espadas

Youth and bravado. Sometimes a dominating personality, but honest and courageous. Misfortune may be coming or passing.

Matters of the Home, Parents and Children (The Card of Cancer)

Nueve de Espadas Invertida

Time heals all wounds. The future may hold promise unimagined today.

Matters of Pleasure (The Card of Leo)

Seis de Oros

Material gain, charity and justice are at the forefront. That which is earned will be given.

Matters of Health (The Card of Virgo)

Sota de Espadas Invertida

Expect the unexpected. Inane behavior may hamper you. Cunning may be called for.

Matters of Partnerships and Marriage (The Card of Libra)

As de Oros

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Matters of Death and Inheritance (The Card of Scorpio)

Dos de Bastos

New ventures will require courage and logic. Influence over others grows. Kindness and altruism pay off.

Matters of the Spiritual, Education and Dreams (The Card of Sagittarius)

Seis de Espadas

The future looks brighter. Success will be known.

Matters of Career (The Card of Capricorn)

Diez de Oros

Riches either made or inherited may be yours. Attention to family matters may be needed.

Matters of Friendship (The Card of Aquarius)

Diez de Bastos Invertida

Intrigue, separation and loss are possible.

Matters of Burdens, Opposition and Fears (The Card of Pisces)

Reina de Copas Invertida

An ugly, unreliable character. Dishonesty and immorality are possible.

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